Campaign Group Challenges UK Immigration Cap!

The government of UK was again dragged into legal quarrel regarding its new policies on immigration which have been termed as being quite controversial. The policies were specifically related to a cap being imposed on migration from the nations not belonging to the European Union. These decisions now have been challenged in the court.

A leading campaign group known as the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has particularly questioned the lawfulness of this limit which was brought about in June. This is in prior to the permanent annual limit on the non-EU immigrants which would be implemented next year. The group has been arguing that this decision has not been subject to an appropriate approval from the parliament.

To this, the Council has emphasized that it has been ruled out by the Court of Appeal that the Home Secretary has not acted in accordance to the law. More so, that the changes were implemented without a consent from the parliament.

These changes pertaining to immigration policy has been considered as being done in a rush. Some have even termed it as being harsh and disproportionate. More so, it also being said that it is a way of the government to imply that part of the financial constraints that the nation is facing is because of the immigrants.

As per Damian Green, the Immigration Minister for UK, the government would defend its case and stand strictly in the court. More so, it is confident of its win. He also said that the government is clear on this annual limit to be implemented from April 2011.

On the other hand, many leading businesses in the nation have brought about that they might be forced to relocate jobs overseas due to the shortage of skilled professionals in the nation.

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