Fast-Track Visas for Quake Recovery!

The Skills-Shortage lists are being reviewed by Immigration New Zealand to see whether or not a relaxation could be considered in order to permit more construction workers from abroad to cater to the recovery and help in rebuilding post the Canterbury earthquake.

New Zealand visas for three months have been approved by the Labor Minister Kate Wilkinson. These visas would cater to fourteen building assessors from Canada and South Africa in order to help in the recovery after the earthquake. As per Ms. Wilkinson, these fast-track visas would continue to be issued. With this, there is also a possibility for some workers to be issued a New Zealand visa which would permit them to live in the country for about 2 years.

However, the authorities have assured that despite relaxing the rules for immigration to New Zealand, the local New Zealand workers would be the first preference. It has been found out that there is a shortage of trades people which is important for the economic recovery of the city. This is as per Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker.

As per Mr. Parker, the first option should always be employment for the locals in Canterbury and New Zealand. However, the nation should also be prepared to bring in foreign workers incase the need arises.

Among the immediate skills-shortage list, there are construction jobs such as construction foreman, building surveyors along with 6 other occupations in this category which are also included in the long term skills shortage list. Most of these positions are in the surveying and management roles.

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