Campaign to Deport Former Soviet Secret Agent!

The Canadian immigration officials are being pressurized by a civil rights group for the expulsion of an ex-agent of the former Soviet Union. Mikhail Lennikov is currently residing in Vancouver in a church sanctuary for over a year now. He has been living here since he was to be deported in June 2009. The campaign has been launched by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association to subject Lennikov to deportation.

Lennikov has been a secret service agent for Russia in his youth. He had obtained a study visa to Canada in 1997. As per the laws of immigration in Canada, it is forbidden for anyone residing in the nation to be involved in any form of spying activities which are against a democratic nation.

Despite many appeals, Lennikov is still being subject to deportation. However, his wife and teenage son are being allowed to live in the nation on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. With this, the current campaign has led to constant mailing to the immigration officials and politicians to reinforce their previous ruling regarding Lennikov.

The letters have been addressed to the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety who had previously stated that the courts and the Immigration and Refugee have decided that Lennikov cannot be permitted to stay as per the current laws.

According to the Director of Research at the Association, Lubomyr Luciuk, it has to be reminded that Lennikov has been residing in Canada for more than a year after he was about to be deported. At the same time, he also mentioned that this campaign is not a personal attack but just a simple reminder to cater to the immigration law of the nation and has nothing to do with Lennikov.

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