You Can Do Several Things with UK Business Investors Visa

UK Business Investors Visa

For centuries, the UK has been one of the most influential driving forces in the world. With world-class universities, and one of the strongest currencies in the world, the overseas hotspot offers a great deal of growth opportunities to the global investors. If you are a foreign investor, looking for making investment in the nation, UK Business Investors Visa will be a good option for you.

Business Investors Visa UK – What You Ought to Know?

Before deciding to invest in the country through the Business Investors Visa in UK, you must know that while you get several rights, as a visa holder, you are also not allowed to do certain things.

UK Business Investors Visa
UK Business Investors Visa

What you can do for UK Business Investors Visa

  • Invest a minimum amount of 2,000,000 Pounds or more in the UK government bonds, the shared capital or loan capital in active of passive UK registered enterprises.
  • Do other activities while, such as study or work.
  • Apply for PR visa after 2 years if you invest 10 Million Pounds.
  • Those keen to get a PR after 3 years needs to make an investment of only 5 Million Pounds.

What you can’t

  • Invest in companies, related to the property, directly or indirectly. You are not even allowed to invest in real estate.
  • Get public funds whatsoever.

You are also constrained by the fact that you must not be a sportsperson or coach. And if you are a doctor you need to know that you are not allowed to practice in the UK if you have not graduated from a UK institution recognized university abroad.

What the most potential UK Business Investor Visa programmes run by the UK government are?

The most sought-after ways to obtain an Investor UK by investment are:

  1. Tier 1: Investor Category

The UK Immigration Department has set a point-based system to determine the eligibility of the business enthusiast. This scheme is basically meant for those investors who intend to make a significant amount of investment in the country. The investor is obliged to invest a minimum amount of 1 Million Pounds to be eligible.

The applicant is not constrained by any of these:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Education
  • English proficiency test
  • Prior business experience

What’s more!

  • The Visa automatically includes the spouse and a minor categorized child of the migrant.
  • The spouse of the migrant gets complete rights to work in the state.
  • The migrant is free to live anywhere in the UK and travel overseas as well.
  • The Migrant who agrees to reside for 5 years gets a PR.
  1. The Entrepreneur Category

The investor under this programme is not liable to make investments as large as 1 Million Pounds, but just 200, 00 Pounds are sufficient for this category. However, the migrant under this programme must have excellent English Proficiency and give an evidence for his stay in the UK.

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