Grab Singapore Investor Visa

Singapore Investor Visa

In Singapore, you will find an amicable ambience for business. On account of the favorable ambience, many investors have found this place to be their honey-spot for investment. As an investor, if you are willing to unearth the qualities of this “one of the Four Asian Tigers”, making it an investment destination, here are a few to help you get sorted about the Singapore Investor Visa for immigration.

Singapore Investor Visa
Singapore Investor Visa

Singapore – the Best Investment Destination

  1. As per the BERI report, the City-state has been hailed as the best investment destination.
  2. As per the World Bank’s report, it has been the best place for the purpose of doing business. The easy to set-up business policies and programmes streamline quick business setup.
  3. Singapore has been the on the top spot in Asia and 5th worldwide as the best destination for logistics support. Quick movement of the goods can quicken the pace of the business operation.
  4. In Asia, Singapore is the least corrupt whereas in the world, it is the eighth least corrupt country. This would bring a lot of benefits to those who want Singapore Investor Visa for immigration.

After analyzing all these aspects, you would be driven towards business immigration to Singapore. But, in the first place, you must have some rough idea about the business immigration. The Singapore Immigration Department has earmarked EntrePass Visa as the main avenue through which you can move to the place on a Business Visa.

But the EntrePass Visa has some requirements that must be fulfilled in the first place. Here are a few to be considered for the purpose of the immigration!

  1. At the time of the application, it is necessary that your company is 6 months old.
  2. The applicant has planned a paid-up capital of the firm to stand at 50,000 Singapore Dollars.
  3. As the founder of the company, it is necessary that you have 30% of the stake.
  4. The business that you have incorporated must bring economic benefits to the country.

How Skilled Professionals Can Be Beneficial for Your Immigration?

Often you are wondering about the immigration but you are not aware about the right ways to apply for the same. By having a skilled professional, you will be all charged up to apply for the immigration.

Here’s how they can assist you!

Simplify the Singapore Singapore Investor Visa Application Process

During the time of the application, you have to deal with a lot of challenges on the formal front. A lot of paperwork will put your on the troubled way. With immigration experts, you can easily manage the paperwork by their dedication and experience. This will help you during the application.

Prepare for Visa Interview

Almost every kind of immigration has to pass through a visa interview. It is the decider for the immigrants and every immigrant will like to ace it. When you are given mock trails, assessment and other preparations, you can easily apply for the immigration easily.

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