Hong Kong Business Visa Advisers

Hong Kong Business Visa

You know what – you will require the expert services of the professional Hong Kong Business Visa Advisers if it is the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China that’s high on your radar and you want a Business Visa for it.

Hong Kong is ‘One of the 4 Asian Tiers’ even as it has revolutionized the way business is done at the international stage. Its strategic geographical location, the availability of trained labor force, pro-business/investment environment means you are at a great advantage when you are here for business/investment.

Hong Kong Business Visa Advisers
Hong Kong Business Visa Advisers

No wonder, the SAR attracts a huge number of business migrants from all parts of the globe. But a little startlingly, for an entrepreneurial fuelled economy such as the SAR’s, there are not many Business Investment Visas doled-out by the government of the region every year. The 300‐400 sanctions registered are not high, vis-à-vis the 25,000 other Employment Visas offered every year.

Since the region does not offer data on the actual figure of the petitions obtained, it can be said that the low figure of the Business Investment Visa sanctions does not actually reflect the interest of the overseas people, who want to either set-up or join in a firm in the SAR. It only shows that receiving a Business Investment Visa sanctioned is a very difficult and challenging job.

And, so you will need the professional services of the Hong Kong Business Visa Advisers to move to the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China with a Business Visa.

Coming back to the difficulties in getting a visa for the SAR, though the region may offer few Business Investment Visas, it’s a fact that the overseas nationals move in large numbers to participate in the amazing business possibilities which the SAR has to provide, and obviously enough, the Hong Kong Director of Immigration does not discourage petitions from people to launch new, or join a present, firm in the region.

As per the available data, guests from more than 170 nations /territories enjoy visa-free admission into the region, with limits from 7 to 180 days. The overseas people usually require a visa prior to residing or doing a job in the region. The SAR’s light-touch visa rules denote that the short-term guests are given the right to carry-out business negotiations and ink agreements while either on a Visitor’s Visa or Entry Permit.

Coming back to the Investment/Business Visas, as per the rules, you need to be a shareholder of a registered firm in the SAR to get it. You can do this by Registering and setting-up a firm in which you are the key investor, or by making an investment in a Hong Kong-based firm.

You will also require furnishing the particulars of the feasibility of your planned firm/enterprise or your financial position, in case you are investing in a present firm/enterprise in the region.

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