EB-5 – USA Investor Visa Requirements

USA Investor Visa

The USA has been known for comprehensive growth and development. At the same time, it has also proved its dominance in science & technology, space research, business and weapons. Close collaboration with Europe, Japan and South Asia has also made the place the prime location for business. With USA Investor Visa help, you can move to the country, but the requirements for the visa must be fulfilled first.

Why USA has emerged as a game changer for business investment?

Numerous factors make the USA a top overseas destination for business investment. Let’s check some of these here!

World’s Largest Market

As an investor or a business individual, you will always be concerned about the returns that will follow after you have undertaken the investment. The largest consumer market of the nation pegged at 18 trillion dollars and with 325 million customers, you are always going to earn from the investment. In case of other benefits, the Free Trade Agreement with other nations will promote trade in bulk, and thereby you can earn a lot from the investments undertaken.

USA Investor Visa

Nexus of Innovation

Research & Development (R&D) should be the pillar of production and supply. As an investor, you will like to invest in an economy ahead, in terms of technological advancements, research & development and ready demand, the USA guarantees all of that. The innovative approach can equip your business to withstand the competitive scenario and emerge victorious.

Ease of Doing Business

A regulatory environment, further supported by favorable incorporation and other procedure, will ensure that ease of doing business will not be a struggle altogether. Here, in the nation, you can easily get started with the business operation. The competency and compassion shown to the foreign investors make the USA a favorable business destination.

Workforce Talent

Diversified employee base with adequate skill and competency level will motivate you to undertake the investment in the nation. A collaborative mechanism between the private and public sector will motivate you to think beyond the possibilities.

EB-5 Investor Visa USA Requirements

Like several other nations, the US offers a means of admission for well-heeled persons who will pump money into its economy. It’s called the employment fifth preference—or “EB-5”—immigrant visa, even as it enables individuals to get Permanent Residence (PR) at once upon admission to the country.

But, it is mandatory that the candidates for a Green Card based on investment not only make an investment from 500,000 to 1 million Dollars in a US firm, they also take an active role in that firm (despite the fact that they don’t require to manage the same).

How to Get It?

It is tough to get the USA investor visa until and unless you are being assisted by an expert immigration agent. If you are struggling with the choice, always pick authorized and registered immigration agents.

How Experts Can Aid & Guide?

Having a professional immigration agent will help you in the following ways.

Simplify Application Process

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have made the visa & immigration extremely rather tough and hard to handle by amateurs. So, when you have an immigration agent, s/he can help you apply as per the relevant visa option. The process is tough and they can help by capitalizing on their experiences and expertise.

Analyze the Visa

Analysis of the qualities you have, and based on it, the right step to take your call will always help you in the immigration. A good immigration specialist will help you out with their insights, and this could be of great value for the purpose of the movement.

Always hire best immigration agent for your USA Investor Visa and you should also satisfy the following USA Investor Visa Requirements while applying for the visa.

  • Notice of Employer Identification Number given by Internal Revenue Service
  • Tax Returns
  • Financial statements
  • Quarterly wage report
  • Business license
  • Lease agreement
  • An investment of 100,000 Dollars mandated.

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