What Canada Business Visa Categories Are Available?

On account of a surge in the Canadian economy and favorable investment climate, Canada Business Visa has witnessed an unprecedented demand. If you are planning to invest in the Maple Leaf Country, you must know everything about the Business Visa to Canada.

Canada Business Visa Programme Categories

The nation’s Business Visa Programme of Canada is divided into three broad categories:

  1. Immigrant Investor Programme
  2. Entrepreneurs Programme
  3. Self-employed Persons

Immigrant Investor Programme

In this Immigrant Investor programme, the aspiring immigrant who wants to move to the destination will have to make an investment of C$400,000 to the Receiver General for Canada. The individual must have a net worth of C$800,000. The investments to the Receiver General are guaranteed by the respective province or territories.

Canada Business Visa Categories
Canada Business Visa Categories

The investment will mature after 5 years with no interest accumulated on such investments. Such investments will be tailored to create favorable jobs in the backward regions of the country.

Entrepreneurs Programme

It is meant for those who have exceptionally inborn talent in business operation. Such individuals will have to provide with a forecast and business blueprint that will cater to job growth and contribute to the economy of the nation. For such applicants, it is mandatory that they have a net worth of C$300,000. The individuals who are using the Entrepreneurs Programme must hold 33% of the company’s equity. At the same time, they should develop and manage the qualifying business. The entrepreneurs are also required to create at least one full-time position for the Canadian citizens.

If they are able to qualify these guidelines, they will be given the Business Visa. But job creation is a compulsory parameter to fulfill for the stay in the nation.

Self Employed Immigrants

Specific provision has been given to the immigrants to move to the destination on a Self-employed Visa. But while applying for it, the would-be immigrant must focus towards creating a business that will contribute to the growth and expansion of the Canadian economy. At the same time, at least one full-time employment must be created. Only when specific parameters are met, the applicant can move to the hotspot and stay permanently there on the Business Visa.

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