US & Canada Green Cards Not Same

Green Card—this word might have raised your imagination to think about the US, right? As Green Card is more suited for the US, you cannot connect it well with Canada. Certainly, in the Maple Leaf Country, it is not called the Green Card of Canada.

Rather, it is called the Canada Permanent Resident Card. So, it is essential to elaborate the different between an American Green Card and the Green Card of Canada, err, the Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

For most of the readers, they might feel that it is a conundrum, but such is not the case. A Green Card of the US and the Permanent Resident Card of Canada are two distinct things that might sound the same to most of the immigrants.

Unlike in the American Green Card, where the Green Card holder is given the leverage to enter and live in the nation, in the Canadian Permanent Resident Card, the holder of the Permanent Resident Card is given the right as per constitutional guidelines to enter and live in the Maple Leaf Country permanently.

US & Canada Green Cards
US & Canada Green Cards

For most of the people who are reading this piece, they might be confused and skeptical that both are same things.

But consider this, tangerine and oranges both belonging to the same fruit family but are different. From the immigration context, to have permission means you have the privilege, but having a right means, you have the entitlement. It is enforceable by law and constitution and you can challenge the concerned authorities if you feel that you rights have been encroached.

In the American Green Card, the authorities or the USCIS has the right to seek the card and only upon its immediate show, the immigrant will be given the privilege to enter the nation. But, in case of Canada, no such obligations are sought and your rights will not be hindered by the inability to show the document of proof.

In several ways, the Canada Permanent Resident Card or Green Card Canada is different from the American Green Card. Though both these cards might fulfill the same purpose, but they are as different as tangerine is to an orange.

Having explained the key differences, both are much sought after and getting either of the two is considered a wonderful thing for the numerous benefits that greet the lucky holders.

So, it is hardly a matter or surprise that the number of aspirants is only increasing day by day and the smart visa agents are busy devising imaginative ways to help their clients get what they want.

Discuss with your immigration agent whenever you are planning to apply for any of them!

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