Canada, China to Work on Immigration Fraud!

In recent reports, China and Canada have got into a mutual collaboration to bar the aspects of immigration fraud from its roots. It has been noticed in thousands of cases that illegal immigration leads to Chinese emigrants staking their lives in some instances. In addition, a lot of them are left in a state of limbo and some get into organized crime gangs, making the lives of others pathetic.

Moreover, the facet of immigration frauds serves like weeds which hollow down the roots of every nation day by day. According to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, he has received all the support needed from the side of Chinese authorities.

The minister also confirmed the meeting he had with Chinese Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu and discussed about these issues in detail for a one hour long meeting.

He said that the biggest challenge lies in putting on this issue at the national level. Amongst other facets which have been raised in the meeting is the linkage between frauds in immigration department and the human trafficking aspects. The minister confirmed that it has been agreed from the side of China to appoint one police official who would collaborate with the Canadian authorities and work on this problem.’

In addition to that, various groups have been formed to solve these problems and issues linked with immigration fraud.

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