Damian Green, Minister of UK Immigration is working towards reducing the levels of student immigration into UK by expressing his views on increasing count of students in UK.

Probably, now Tier 1 PSW will get terminated soon or it’ll become much more challenging for the students to visit the country under Tier 1 PSW visa category. In this case only visa applicants under the category of Tier 4 will be allowed to stay in the country for a longer period of time. The previous Labor Government introduced Tier 1 PSW visa to enable the students to gain some work experience in order to fit into the eligibility criteria for Tier 2 work visa and Tier 1 (general) visa which says that one need to have some recent work experience in the country to order to get Tier 1 visa. Tier 1 visa does not qualify those who have been the post graduate students in the UK excepting that they have got some work experience in the recent years.

The allowance of UK immigration and some of the other changes made by the Government has made it enormously difficult to even be considered under Tier 2 work visa.

Changes to UK Tier 1 PSW visa are still not certain. So, if one wishes to apply under the same, one should not be wasting much on his/her time. One might not find it easy enough apply under Tier 1 PSW visa in the near future.

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