UK Clerics Receive Training to Identify Sham Marriages!

The United Kingdom is so much concerned about immigration deceptions, like sham marriages, practiced by people in order to enter or become permanent residents of the nation that the nation has come up with new measures to prevent such practices across the nation. The UK Border Agency is providing training to a number of clerics on how to identify fake marriages that usually take place in Churches. Recently, a dozen of Church of England clerics were being provided with the training so that can spot fraudulent marriages, which will help the UKBA in preventing, thereby discarding such illegal practices from the nation.

The training session, which run for half day was utilized in giving tips to the clerics how to determine whether a wedding is genuine or not by the UKBA immigration officials. Most common sign of a sham marriage is that one of the couple is usually from outside the European Union nations, who is marrying the other person who is from the Europe. This combination often gives the outsider the right to stay in the United Kingdom, which also carries the right to work there, as well as claim various benefits.

The clerics of the particular England church called Diocese of Chelmsford were also given information and ideas how to identify false marriage documents, as well as other credentials. The information provided by specialist UK Border Agency’s forgery officials. Along with the training session, UK Border Agency has also been carrying out many different operations to prevent sham marriages in the United Kingdom.

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