India to Stiffen Laws to lower down Unregistered Migration Consultants!

Jason Kenney (Canadian Immigration Minister) visited India to discuss the problems of uncertified migration consultants working in India. Frail promises are made by the fraudulent travel agents as well as the consultants. However, after the meeting with the local police in Delhi, Director General of Punjab police force, PS Gill contradicted with the claim made by the Canadian Immigration Minister. PS Gill said that they find no problems with the immigration services as they are being investigated properly.

After the meeting, Kenney was expecting PS Gill to appoint a representative to work with them in order to address the issue appropriately but nothing was done to help the situation. Kenney, later in one of his interview claimed that Punjab police force is handling fraudulent immigration cases inappropriately.

However, Kenney was seen relieved after the meeting with the P Chidambram (Home Minister), Preneet Kaur (External Affair Minister), Vyalar Ravi (Overseas Indian Minister) which disclosed that Indian Government will soon commence a law which will take into account immigration consultants within India. Though, most of the Indian skilled workers are being attracted by the Canadian government to work in Canada. Majority of visas were issued to Indian nationals under the family category but the recent study suggests that it needs a change.

So, if one is interested in immigration to Canada, one must contact any migration expert for suitable information and advice so as to which visa is best suited for you. One should also check through visa eligibility assessment in order to see whether you are eligible candidate for a visa to Canada.

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