Curtin Detention Centre in Expansion!

Australia: With more and more asylum seekers moving to Australia every year, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has confirmed that Curtin Immigration Detention Center would see an expansion very soon.

Reports say that the WA centre at present is decked with 753 asylum seekers, the number which would see a hike to almost 1200 single people in the upcoming future. It has been confirmed that the other detainee places at Curtain are an integral part of the national roll-out of the upcoming accommodations.

The minister also stated that various centers located in Melbourne as well as Queensland would see a hike as far as the capacity is concerned to accommodate more number of detainees in future.

Mr. Bowen said that this decision was a result of the investigation process carried out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on the facets of the availability of various options all over the nation. He said that the current centers should be geared with more number of beds till the time the outstanding applications can be finalized!

It has also been said that the coming future will see reviewing the accommodation related needs of the detention centers so that long term needs are met properly. The availability of services like mental health support teams, case managers as well as interpreting services would be made at the detention centers experiencing expansion in the coming future.

In addition, there is a possibility to relocate asylum seekers from one detention centre to another.

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