Canada Creates Online Guidebooks to Bridge Language Barriers!

Every person would want that whichever country he visits or immigrates to; he must be able to really enjoy the beauty of that country. But sometimes language becomes a barrier for the person to really get to know about the country.

To break this barrier of language, the provincial government of Canada has introduced a new way that is by creating an online guidebook in different languages which would help the people to acquaint themselves with various places in the country. This move by Canadian government is a step towards reaching out to new Canadians.

In a statement, Cindy Andy, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Minister said that this new service will help the newly arrived Canadians to locate various recreational places such as parks in their region quite easily.

An individual can make the use of the new service by accessing a forty five page online guidebook which would be available in different languages including Punjabi, French, Spanish, simplified Chinese, Arabic, English and Tagalog (Filipino). Those newly arrived people from other countries in Canada do not have camping facilities in their homelands. For such people, this online guidebook can make it easier for them to locate provisional parks in the country where they can pursue their camping activities.

The official website of the guidebook is, which can guide them on their road journey in Canada. Canada is a beautiful country with breathtaking natural landscapes and it is famous for its hospitality and hygiene. And language must not become the barrier for the people to explore its scenic beauty.

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