Highest Ever Immigration Fine Levied on Texas Companies!

Many companies in Texas were found to be hiring undocumented migrants and have been fined a sum of more than $600000 from the last October. Here, it might have been that these firms were not able to keep up with the rules and regulations pertaining to immigration. Off these, some of them led to criminal prosecutions as per the Federal Records.

According to a review done by the Houston Chronicle on the Actions by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement projects that there are twenty three firms of which about four were based in Houston have been charged with this crime since the beginning of the Federal Fiscal Year in the previous October. However, the figures portray that there has been a decrease in the number of the arrests from the workplace. This shift has been observed after certain enforcement strategies brought out during the Bush era.

The current Obama administration has mainly targeted employers when it came to immigration workplace enforcement. This has been done in place of workers and was more based on company paperwork audits which were to prove that there were legally working employees in the organization. From last October, about 1500 similar investigations were conducted when compared to only 503 in a year during the Bush administration.

There was an outgrowth from the raids conducted in 2008 by the Bush administration which led to about 150 arrests being made. The largest fine that has been levied in Texas is much more than the highest during Bush administration.

As assessed by the Chronicle, the US government ordered a used clothing company in Houston – Action Rags USA to pay a fine of $360,000 which was found to be the second highest in the nation.

From last October, it was recorded that only 242 illegal workers were arrested. If the arrests were being made at the same rate as it was two years ago, about 735 arrests would have been made by this time.

According to Richard Rocha, the spokesman for ICE refused to disclose the number of companies that were levied a fine due to the lengthy probes. Also, some of the fines were imposed during the Bush era.

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