Cap on Immigration Soon, Says UK Government!

A pardon for all the refugees in Britain has been ruled out by the government of the nation. The UK government has committed itself to a summer of major crackdown when it comes to illegal migration. This is especially for those undocumented migrants coming from outside the European Union. There have been cases of fake marriages to obtain a visa as well as human trafficking.

Damian Green, the Immigration Minister affirmed that a cap would be set on immigration by this autumn for those who would want to enter from outside the European Union. However, permitting refuge to a certain set of undocumented migrants who are already residing in the nation has been approved by some of the law makers and few sections of the ruling coalition. Granting amnesty would mean that these people could work and pay taxes and reside legally in the nation. However, such an amnesty has been completely ruled out by Green.

As per Green, the main objective of the coalition government is to bring about a pressure downwards when it comes to immigration from nations not belonging to the EU. This is to ensure that the total immigration numbers falls down to tens of thousands till the next election which is to take place in 2015. More so, there has been a common perception that the borders of the nations are not well protected and it is easy for people to walk in illegally and reside here. This thought has to be changed for which measures have to be taken. This could be done only be reducing the number of people coming to UK which would also cater to restoring the confidence of the public.

He also said that France would not be followed when it comes to women wearing full face covering veil. Such laws would not be adopted in Britain. This would be against being a tolerant and a mutually respectful society.

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