Canada Express Entry Immigration Overview

Canada Express Entry Immigration

The much talked about and extensively used Canada Express Entry Immigration Programme was launched in the year 2015, and it is a system that covers the aspects related to the management of the applications related to immigration for the economic programmes in the country, like the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class, etc.

Canada Express Entry Immigration
Canada Express Entry Immigration

For whom this Canada Express Entry programme is meant?

It is basically meant for those people who want to immigrate to the destination and wish to work and live there in on a permanent basis. In order to get this Permanent Resident (PR) status, it is essential that one meets the eligibilities for at least any one of these economic schemes that are meant for the purpose of immigration. Thus, those people who are interested in getting the PR in the country can apply for it through Express Entry, by making a formal application and meeting all the guidelines for the same.

Getting the opportunity to become a Canada permanent resident

Through the Canada Express Entry Immigration System all the candidates will get scores as per the CRS system of the programme that will be in points, and on the basis of these scores, it will help in the allotment of the rank to each candidate within the entire pool of applications that has been received. Those who will get the maximum number of points or you can say score will thus be eligible for the invitation to the process of applying for becoming the permanent residents of the nation and thereby completing all the remaining immigration formalities.

Important factors to know

After the application process, the IRCC will send the invitation to those candidates who have highest ranks and will give them a chance to apply for the immigration through the official invitation rounds. Ranking should be near the top end to get a chance of selection in these draws, and finally getting an offer for ITA i.e. invitation to apply. Through Comprehensive Ranking System i.e. also known as CRS the ranks are decided based on the various aspects like the education of individual, economic status, work experience, communication skills and language comprehension, and various other factors.

The candidates can get significant rank if their respective territories or their employers in the Maple Leaf Country will offer them the recruitment through the pool of Express Entry, and those candidates who will finally get the job offer or nomination in the province, will stand higher chances of selection as their rank will get improved.

Why this way is the best option to get Canada PR status in the country?

Canada Express Entry Immigration is considered as the best way to obtain citizenship because it is fast as compared to the other processes. The system is managed online so it is highly convenient for the candidates who wish to reside in the nation on a permanent basis, based on their qualifications. The applications that will be sent under the Express Entry System will get a very fast response, and the processing time is generally less than six months.

You can also watch this video which explains you everything about the Canada Express Entry Program.

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