Why Ottawa Favors Business Migration to Canada?

Business Migration to Canada

If you are considering migration of your business on a permanent basis to Canada then the good news is that Ottawa provides this immigration facility to the business class by which they can get business immigrant status and boost the prosperity and economic development of the nation. Such candidates must have the intention of investment in the country by the way of starting their business or expansion of their business.

Business Migration to Canada
Business Migration to Canada

 Why the government allows business migration to Canada?

 This process of business migration to Canada helps in exploring new business opportunities that are supported by Ottawa so that people of other countries can come to the hotspot and with their specialization they can prosper and boost the national economy as well. Ultimately, it will lead to the advancement and development of the national economy and the nation as a whole. That is why the government supports this policy. Necessary experience, resources, net worth as well as support from already established entities in the overseas hotspot are required for business migration.

Business Migration to Canada–Streams

  1. Start-up Visa Programme

For being successful in this programme one requires to have-

  • The necessary support from a reputable capital fund venture based in the Maple Leaf Country or any angel investor company/group or any business incubator that is based in the nation.
  • The language ability in English or in French and the necessary communication skills to be able to conduct the work in the country, without any difficulty.
  • There should be a definite plan for a unique business proposal that will be established in the nation.
  • 1 year study should be completed at a post-secondary institute.
  • Sufficient sum of money as per the government guidelines for the settlement process and to meet the cost of living before the earning process.
  • Passing of the medical and security checks as required by the governmental procedures.
  • Meeting the other necessary ownership requirements.

Under the Start-up Visa Programme the maximum limit is restricted to 5 persons of the foreign countries who are applying. Minimum investment is to be procured beforehand from the investors who support this start up and is regulated by the limits that are prescribed in each case by the government.

  1. Programme for Self-employed Persons

It needs any one of these conditions to be fulfilled but two years of prior experience is needed in each of these cases which are mentioned as below-

  • Necessary experience in the cultural or athletic areas that will help in making a good contribution towards the prosperity as well as the economic development of the nation.


  • Any kind of prior expertise and skill in the business of managing a farm. There should be an intention from the side of the applicant to set up farm business in the nation,  as well as all the necessary resources including money should be available beforehand to purchase and manage the farm in the country.

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