Canada Express Entry Process Decoded

Canada Express Entry Process

Are you a skilled worker and like to work in Canada. If yes, then you need to understand Canada Express Entry process. Express Entry manages the application for Permanent Residency (PR) following the current immigration rules.

Canada Express Entry Process
Canada Express Entry Process

Let us see some of the facts so that we can also have the benefit!

Candidates who are eligible to have the benefits

Those who are presently working in the nation or anywhere else can have the benefit of this process. The first thing that you have to do is to check with National Occupational Classification (NOC) to find-out whether the job that you are at present doing makes you eligible to apply.

If you want to be qualified, you need to be in one of the below immigration programmes

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Programme
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Programme
  3. Canadian Express Class

You need to have different nature of work experience, educational qualifications, and different set of language skill to be part of the above schemes.

Canada Express Entry Process that one has to follow

The first thing that has to be done by you, if you intend to have benefits of Canada Express Entry process, is that you need the completion of the relevant profiles. The form that you need to fill in is secured and you need to fill in information pertaining to

  1. Your language skills
  2. Experience of work
  3. Skills that you possess
  4. Education details

If, according to the information you fill, the concerned authorities think you are eligible, they will enroll you into the pool.

The next step of the process allows the candidate with the highest ranking to apply for the Canada PR Visa status.

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