Canada Family Sponsorship Process: Who May be Sponsored, Eligibility

You will be, perhaps, happy to know that the Canada Family Category gives you the right to offer sponsorship to your family member, to shift to the Maple Leaf Country. Via the said immigration class, you may offer sponsorship to your family members residing out-of-the-country even while you assist them to land on the Canadian shores. The same is called Family Reunification Plan since it assists families come together and realize the cherished goal of Canada immigration.

Who May be Sponsored

You–in your capacity as the nation’s permanent resident or a citizen–have a right to provide sponsorship to your partner/better half, wishing to gain permanent residence status in the country. Besides, you have a right to offer the prized sponsorship to brothers, sisters, nephew, niece, and/or grandchild (without father/mother) who are under 18 and single.

Hence, you may offer sponsorship to your mate, common-law associate, matrimonial spouse, brother/sister, son/ daughter, grandparent, aunt/uncle, and/or nephew/niece–as a family member of the family category.

Sponsoring Family Member: Conditions

  • You ought to be not less than 18 years, and hold either of these–the nation’s residency or its citizenship status;
  • You ought not to have been guilty of evading a court-ordered support order;
  • You should not have been found culpable of any non-payment on a loan for immigration;
  • You ought to go through a medical screening test and also a criminal check;
  • You ought to fulfill a bare minimum earnings level on the basis of the size of your family;
  • You ought to put your signature on a bond with Ottawa for backing (money wise) your sponsored relatives for a particular time;
  • You ought not to be bankrupt at the present.

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