Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers, Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Plan Ready to Welcome You!

Are you one of the qualified Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers who is inspired with Canada immigration? If yes, here’s a golden chance that you should just not miss. At the present, Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Program is ready to roll-out red-carpet welcome to you even as the province has excellent professional opportunities for skilled experts like you.

Under the program in question, your application will be processed immediately with multiple benefits. The best thing about the scheme is that you are not required to have an offer of job at the time of submitting your submission. Remarkably, these specialists have a variety of job responsibilities. And these comprise appraising production schedules, the formation of management control arrangements, in addition to setting-up quality check processes.

Eligibility Conditions

  1. You must be between the age group of 21 and 55 years at the time of submitting the submission.
  2. You should meet the language proficiency condition in either of the two official languages, i.e., English and French.
  3. You ought to have the intention to join an eligible profession.
  4. You must be a lawful citizen of the current country.
  5. You must have at least high school level of education and a degree, certificate or diploma from a recognized post secondary institution.
  6. You should be armed with 2 years of continuous full time work experience in profession you aim to join in the Maple Leaf Country.
  7. You must have the intent to permanently live in Nova Scotia and the proof to become economically well set in the province.
  8. If required, you must be able to attend an interview.
  9. You must be able to complete an Employment settlement plan.

Employment settlement program: what’s this?

The interested immigrants are required to fill employment settlement program, and they are required to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the reasons for choosing Scotia Nova?
  2. In Scotia Nova, where you wish to settle and why?
  3. Why have you chosen Nova Scotia?

You are not eligible if:

  1. You intend to join an occupation that is on National Occupational Classification level C or D.
  2. You are eligible for any other occupation under Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.
  3. You have parent, grandparent, spouse, in laws are already living in the nation.
  4. You have gained admission illegally.
  5. At the present, you are studying at any Canadian post-secondary institution.
  6. You are an international graduate and have a valid work permit in the country.
  7. You intend to start your own business venture in the province.
  8. You have been appointed as a full time employee in the Maple Leaf Country.
  9. You are an international graduate, graduated from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution, and are eligible for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

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