Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Scheme: An Assessment

The widely used and the much sought after Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program is basically tailored for those overseas persons who intend to shift and do a job in the beautiful overseas immigration destination. While Ottawa needs trained manpower, those keen to do a job in the nation, may be duly picked-up to be given the prized permanent residency & immigrant position in the country.

The same is based on stated qualifications even as these offer an objective proof of the alien’s capability, or otherwise, to get duly set-up in the country, on a permanent basis. The chief benefit of filing a petition–via the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Scheme–is that the same offers the benefit to the candidate to get his partner & dependent kids also into the country.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Plan: Key Conditions

Among the many conditions, these are the primary ones:

  • One nonstop year of employment experience in an entitled or given profession;
  • An offer of job in the country; and
  • A PhD Degree

Employment offer from a recruiter/job-provider in the Maple Leaf Country denotes that the job is of a permanent nature and full time, which is in the qualifying classes.

Apart from the above, one also has to fulfill these criteria:

  • To be in possession of a legal temporary work permit, and when employed in the nation, the recruiter/job-provider is eager to offer job on a permanent ground, or
  • To be in the possession of a legal provisional work permit, and presently employed in a vocation that is excused from the conditions. In both the above prerequisites, the labour market opinion (LMO) is needed & the nature of work is permanent, or
  • Though the conditions that are stated may not be suitably considered, these ought to be in possession of a legal impermanent work permit and doing a job presently in the nation, or
  • One possesses a permanent offer of employment even as every other requirement has been successfully catered to, and this covers positive labour market, via not working currently in the overseas destination.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Scheme: Ensuing Prerequisites

Post the conditions, as stated above, have been fulfilled, the regime will carry-out a verified evaluation to assess if the candidate gainfully makes the cut, through the immigration plan in question. The assessment is point based on the grounds of age, English/French language skills, besides general education.

Job skills, qualifications related to the job, and an overall capability to become accustomed to the local way of life will boost a person’s petition. The aspirant has to gain at least 67 points to become eligible.

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