Right Time To File Australia Immigration SKillSelect Application

If anything could be better than the fresh updates on Australia Immigration SkillSelect, it would be getting the clearance for the entry permit to the most desired destinations on the planet earth. The skilled and business migration schemes of Aussie migration policy have been going full throttle, and more and more people are placing their requests for gaining entry into this lucrative destination.

As per the recent updates on Australian SkillSelect, the race is very much on for the much prized Aussie visa. The recently concluded selection round of 27th January 2014 suggests a much brighter chance for the qualified people. If you hold all the required qualifications and exposure for your trade, and your trade also features as being in demand in the required skills scroll, then there could not be anything better than what the Australian migration programs offers.

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In the short listing round of the 27th January 2014, the federal authorities short listed 950 people for the next round of the selection process for subsection 189 – federal independent (permanent class), and 35 applicants for submission of documents for subsection 489 – temporary territorial nominations. The minimum threshold for the selection of applications was pitched at 60 marks for most of the trade codes (both for Australia Immigration section 189 and section 489). The minimum cutoff mark was established at 65 marks for trade codes, 233111 – Chemical and Materials Engineers, 261111 – ICT Business & System Analysts, 233411 – Electronic Engineers, 263311 – Telecommunications Engineering Professionals, 70 marks for 233999 – Other Engineering Professionals.

A closer analysis of the EOIs selected for the next round reveals that more than 92% of the profiles selected for the next round of section 189 had scores between 60 and 70. The percentage of the profiles with marks between 75 and 80 was meager 8%. Although, the selection pattern does not truly indicate at the exact condition in each individual trade code pool, the selection pattern does indicate at a positive trend, i.e. the race is still very much open for the Australia Immigration SKillSelect visa.

The selection rounds for the nomination classes is also witnessing a surge, as by the end of December various provinces of Australia has selected over 7000 people for section 190, over 1000 profiles for section 489 under skilled migration scheme, and over 1000 profiles for section 188 (temporary) and over 100 people for section 132 (permanent) under business migration schemes.

As per our estimates, if you have been waiting for the right moment to squeeze in your request for migrating Down Under, then this is the Right Time To File Australia Immigration SKillSelect Application.

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