Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Eligibility Requirements

Canada ranks atop among the favorite destinations for the immigrant population world over. As the 11th largest economic power in the world, Canada is full of job opportunities in the services and natural resources sector. The immigration policy also makes it easier for an immigrant to come down to Canada and avail growth opportunities. The Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa is one such mechanism that first tests the eligibility status of an intending migrant and second, utilizes a Point Based System to rank the application.

As per the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 eligibility requirements the skilled worker is first subjected to a Point Based Assessment. The skilled worker must first score 67 points out of the total 100, on factors such as education qualifications, professional experience, skills, expertise, age, language and occupation. The Point Based System is very simplistic and a step wise procedure to the immigration process. The process time for this visa application comes close to 6 to 12 months. Once approved, the visa includes the applicant, spouse and their children.

The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is intended for the individuals who have high levels of skills on account of qualification, education and expertise. The immigration policy aims at making the immigration economically viable for both the individual and the Canadian economy. The objective with this migration is to suffice the shortages on the manpower requirements on the industry levels at Canada. As per the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 eligibility requirements it is mandatory for the candidate to have a work experience of minimum one year and relevant to the employment offer by the Canadian employer. The successful candidate would be allowed a permanent residence visa to live and work at Canada.

In line with the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker visa, it is ‘not’ important for the skilled worker to have a job offer from a Canadian employer and a work permit for Canada. The successful candidate is allowed to work freely any part of the geography at Canada without any restriction. The applicant can also try for a Canadian citizenship after a period of three years of stay in Canada. One of the key features of a Canadian citizenship is that the applicant is allowed to travel in different countries on the same visa.

The Federal Skilled Worker visa also allows the skilled worker to also bring along the spouse and the children. The Federal Skilled Worker visa makes it possible for the worker to have access to the medical and healthcare facilities in Canada, just as the other citizens do. The worker is also availed the educational and residential facilities similar to the Canadian permanent residence. The FSWP ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’ has recently made amendments to the age and language category to make sure that the immigrants are of a younger age and are deft at the official language, to prosper at Canada. The immigration should be economically viable for Canada.

The Federal Skilled Worker visa makes it easier for a skilled individual to migrate to Canada in view of the growth opportunities. The visa applies a Point Based assessment of the application on the basis of education, qualification, experience, language, skills and age. The objective with this visa is to bring in prosperity for the Canadian economy.

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