May 4, 2013 Marks Opening Of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Category

May 4, 2013 Marks Opening Of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Category thus bringing the period of extreme curiosity and apprehensions to an end. As the minister announced the tentative date of commencement of the application intake for the FSW scheme parallel announcements were made about the suggested changes in the statutes of visa regulations. Minister of immigration Jason Kenney has personally involved himself to explore and hunt for a credible migration policy solution that would help improve the management and monitoring entry of trained expertise into the country in the present scenario. This set-up is also expected to help in establishment of a reliable framework that would enable Canadian immigration authorities in selecting emigrants for entry into the country for over next 10 years of changing economic scenario and aspirations.

In the current paradigm it has been observed that the emigrants entering the country are not able to earn upto their potential and lead a comfortable life in the country. These people are often in possession of better credentials than their local Canadian counterparts in terms of professional and academic achievements and feats.  The new entrants have to struggle hard to make life even and often go for taking up odd jobs like driving cabs or counter salesmen. This often has acted as a deterrent factor for appropriately trained manpower resource.

The reasons cited for this inability to secure good jobs is sources in the employment givers not being to employ them in absence of some basic traits from profiles of migrants. The missing traits of profile which were deemed as more impact on ability of emigrants to secure employment included

  • Handicaps and incompatibility in official linguistic department
  • Irrelevance of professional employment exposure (accumulated overseas) in local environment
  • Incompatible Academic qualifications of the emigrants which they have accomplished in their own countries of origin

These factors have been duly taken care of in the new proposed draft which will be incorporated intoFederal Skilled Worker Program Category From May 4, 2013. The aspirants pursuing ambitions of obtaining entry as permanent residents under the federal initiative will now have to go through some preliminary steps before they can file their requests for permanent residential permits like

  • Evidencing their linguistic skills in one of the official languages of the county (English for Canada and French for Quebec) within the minimum desired parameters established by minister i.e. CLB/NCLC 7
  • Subject their academic qualifications and certification to an assimilation and correlation study by a designated independent Canadian authority having jurisdiction over the trade premise under the ECA program. The trade that is  intended to be nominated by migrants in their request for permanent residential permits under federal skilled migration initiative

Assimilation study has been made obligatory to ascertain the adaptability of new entrants into the local environment. This will not help new entrants in the country to compare their credentials in comparison with the desired Canadian academic yardstick but also help them decide into required upgrades of their skills before traveling to Canadian shores.

The proposed changes in statutes requiring evaluation of academic credentials of candidates will not be applicable in cases of requests filed by emigrants under qualified employment offer and doctorate segment before May 04, 2013 Under Federal Skilled Worker Program.

May 4, 2013 Marks Opening Of Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Category. There are sweeping changes recommended by honorable minister of immigration.  The objective of such wide scale revamp is establishment of a policy that does not only serve the current policy paradigm but also provides a capable vehicle that will help immigration authorities in controlling and monitoring inflow of trained expertise into the country for over next 10 years. With the proposals taking form of policy statutes migrants will have to evidence their linguistic skills in one of the official Canadian languages and also obtain and assessment advice on their academic qualifications from a designated Canadian evaluation agency having jurisdiction over the trade premise of the trade nominated by emigrant probables in their request for permanent residential permits.

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