Canada Immigration 2021 – More opportunities, Less Worry

Canada Immigration 2021 – More opportunities, Less Worry

The historic Express Entry draw of Saturday shows Canada’s target of inviting 401,000 immigrants in 2021 is possible

👉🏻Towards the end of 2020, Canada had announced an uphill task of inviting 401,000 migrants in 2021

👉🏻Though the target seemed tricky, on 13th February, Canada invited 27,332 CEC applicants for permanent residency with lowest CRS of 75

👉🏻With this huge draw, it becomes clear that the country is already headed on its way to achieve the target

👉🏻The roadmap for 2021 is to invite around 60% migrants under the economic class, 25% through family class and 15% as refuges and on humanitarian grounds

👉🏻This indicates that in future Canada can hold similar big draws with astonishingly low CRS scores under Federal Skilled Workers Category as well

👉🏻Compared to 10,300 ITAs during this time of year in 2020, Canada has already issued 37,986 ITAs in 2021

👉🏻IRCC can also expand PNPs allocation and allow many more migrants in Canada through PNP streams

👉🏻This is the high time, go ahead and submit your immigration application to become a permanent resident of Canada soon

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