tech-professionals-receive-the lions-share-of-australian-global-talent-visa-approvals

Tech Professionals receive the LION’s share of Australian Global Talent Visa Approvals

🎯 In a statement, the Department of Home Affairs Australia has revealed that individuals from the tech sector are the biggest group of people who were granted visas through the Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa program last year.

🎯 Between the periods of July to December 2020, there were 11,013 visas granted to those who worked in the quantum information, advanced digital data, data science, and IT fields.

🎯 People in the Medtech industry are the second biggest cohort who received the visa, followed by energy, mining technology, advanced manufacturing, fintech, and cybersecurity industry.

🎯Launched in November 2019, the GTI program attracts global tech talent to Australia. Eligible individuals under the program are assessed based on their background, including their earning potential in the field.

🎯 The DHA said that the rapid rise in individuals getting visas via the GTI program encourages Australia to rely less on occupation-based models and focus more on foreign nationals’ skills and talents.

🎯 The department also said that attracting more skilled migrants to address the labor shortage needs in the specific domains could trigger a revolution within universities and other parts of the local education system to increase investment levels in areas where skill gaps currently exist.

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