Tips for Faster US Visa Application Processing

Tips for Faster US Visa Application Processing

The immigration process is lengthy and complicated due to the repeated evaluation that applicants must undergo to prove their eligibility for moving abroad. The USA is considered the most aspirational immigration destination and has some of the most stringent immigration policies. Since many aspirants submit the US visa application, they often face long backlogs and uncertain processing times.

To avoid delays, streamline the process, and receive a visa approval from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you can follow some useful tips commonly employed by our experts:

Submit a Complete Application

Including additional supporting documents and ensuring that your application is free of errors can avoid the delays caused if USCIS issues a Request for Evidence.

Make a Service Request

Suppose you believe that your US immigration application might be lost or is being incorrectly updated. In that case, you can contact USCIS to find out your application’s status, thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

Opt for Premium Processing

You can pay an additional fee for specific work visa categories to have your application processed by USCIS within 15 calendar days. The premium processing fee ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.

Request for Expedited Processing

If you cannot pay for premium processing but need to have your application processed on a priority basis, you can request expedited processing. Department may consider the request in the following scenarios:

  • A company or person has suffered severe financial loss
  • There is an urgent humanitarian concern
  • The is compelling US government interest involved in the application (including public safety or national security)
  • USCIS makes a clear error

Seek the Services of Experts

Seeking legitimate immigration consultants and lawyers’ guidance will help you select the ideal visa category for your profile, understand the detailed requirements, and prepare an application package without amateur mistakes or oversights. These professionals are updated on the latest immigration regulations and can coordinate with USCIS to know your application’s status. Overall, getting the right advice can increase your chances of visa approval.

Submit a robust, error-free US visa application through trained professionals who support every step of the process. You can contact India’s most experienced immigration consultants at 8595338595 or [email protected].

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