Canada Immigration Beckons Human Resources Professionals

Strong economy of a country makes it popular. Canada is one such nation that is extremely popular among skilled workers. Especially, if you are a skilled Human Resources Professional and wish to live and work abroad, then it has to be the Maple Leaf Country. The reason: it is presently facing a dearth of such professionals even as immigration is the only way to meet the growing demand.

Immigration rate shows the country is quite popular among Human Resource professionals, and a large number of foreign trained professionals are already working in the country and living a prosperous life. Thus, if you wish to immigrate to the country, you can easily streamline your visa application.

Canada Immigration Human Resources Professionals – NOC Code 2011

Such professionals appraise, execute and develop policies, procedures and schemes related to human resources and labor. They also work in collaboration with manager and other staff and give advice on issues related to human resources matters. The services of such experts are largely demanded by both public and private sector. They may choose to be self employed also.

The pay package is lucrative and difficult to ignore, such professionals can easily fetch CAD $ 80,000 and with experience can reach up to CAD$ 1, 30,000 which is the highest pay package in the industry offered by any country.

They are also known as:

  • classification officer – human resources
  • employee relations officer
  • business agent, labor organization
  • union representative
  • human resources research officer
  • wage analyst
  • classification specialist
  • mediator
  • conciliator
  • consultant, human resources

Key Duties

  • Planning, developing, implementing and evaluating the strategies, programs, procedures and polices related to human resource and labor are their major responsibility.
  • They address the specific needs of the company’s staff and developing policies keep in mind their interest.
  • Collectively work in a team with managers and other staff and interpret policies related to human resources, yearly compensation and additional benefits.
  • Act as a mediator and resolve labor disputes, negotiate on behalf of employers or workers and maintain mutual understanding between labor and employee.
  • Draft staff and supervise training and develop annual appraisal schemes.
  • Get ready employees job description, terms and conditions and salary.
  • Prepare an inventory of Human resource information.
  • Change existing rules in concern with the health and safety of the employees.

If you have the right degree, skills and experience, immigrating to the country will not be a difficult task. All you have to do is to brush your language skills and make sure you have scored well in the English language test such as IELTS or TOEFL, and submit complete visa application supported by required details and documents.


Canada immigration for Human Resource Professionals can be extremely fruitful. Such experts can play an active role in the expansion of a country or organization. Lately, the demand of such specialists has risen in small and big cities. It means the job prospects have straight way multiplied. Professionals with experience have an added edge.

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