Canada Immigration for Foreign Mechanical Engineers Easy Affair

Are you one of those skilled Mechanical Engineers, who are determined to immigrate to Canada, to live a more peaceful life, and get better livelihood opportunities? If yes, your search comes to an end. Presently, professionals like you are wanted across the country.

You can take the immigration route, and use your skills, to find acceptance from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). An increase in demand for Mechanical Engineers has made the Canada immigration path relatively easy for the professionals like you, of late.

Canada is a multi-cultural democratic country. Its immigration process is simple and much faster, as compared to other developed countries. Very often, the country is referred as the ‘Land of Opportunities’. Skilled professionals, like Mechanical Engineers, are offered quality lifestyle, better health facilities, first-rate educational benefits, and political rights making the nation one of the most preferred immigration destinations globally.
Job Description Mechanical Engineers Code 2132

These experts are responsible to carry-out research, build-up, and design production equipment’s and systems for a range of objects, like; for instance, ventilating heating, and processing, air conditioning, haulage, manufacturing, and power production. They are also accountable to perform duties related to the installation, assessment, operation, besides maintenance of mechanical arrangements. They are chiefly hired by consulting groups, by power-generating utilities. They are also hired in a wide range of manufacturing, transportation, and processing businesses. They could be also self-employed.

Major Duties

Carry-out research into the feasibility, operation, design and performance of mechanisms, parts and systems. They also monitor missions, and develop material, financial statement, and set the predictable deadline, write reports and design and build-up specifications for machinery.

They also develop, design power plants, equipment’s, tools, components, and fixtures. They also examine dynamics and vibrations of the mechanical arrangements. At different intervals, they keep an eye on and manage the modification, installation and commissioning of mechanical arrangements at the construction sites. They also administer the maintenance standards, working timetables, etc.

These professionals intensely monitor mechanical failures, and write contract documents and examine tenders–either for industrial construction or maintenance. From time to time, they also keep an eye on the technicians and technologists, and scrutinize and endorse financial statement and designs.

Qualifications Required

A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or in any new associated engineering subject is essential. For higher-ranking positions, either a Master’s Doctorate Degree is desired. It is mandatory to get hold of a License from a provincial or territorial organization of the Professional Engineers.

Some Illustrative Examples

  • acoustics engineer
  • automotive engineer
  • design engineer – mechanical
  • energy conservation engineer
  • engineer, power generation
  • fluid mechanics engineer
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer
  • mechanical engineer
  • mechanical maintenance engineer
  • nuclear engineer
  • piping engineer
  • refrigeration engineer
  • robotics engineer
  • thermal design engineer
  • tool engineer

Working in a foreign land does not assure you 100% success. It’s basically your hard work and dedication that give a kick start to you professional life. Promotion to higher-ranking positions is possible only with skills and performance although to bring a smile on your face you are guaranteed a handsome annul package.

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