Time Just Right for Australia Immigration Motivated Land Surveyors

Australia–better known as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and/or ‘Down Under’–is a hot immigration destination for immigrants from every corner of the world—especially for the skilled Australia immigration-inspired professionals. If you are a trained candidate, and by profession one of the Land Surveyors, you will be rather happy to know that, at the present, your line-of-work is currently red hot in Australia. And while processing your immigration application, under the ANZSCO Code 232212, the Australian Immigration Authority will give your preference over others.

Work Profile, Skilled Occupation Lists

These professionals plan, monitor, direct, analyze and conduct survey work to determine, plan, delineate and specifically position tracts of land, coastlines, natural and constructed features, underground works, marine floors, etc. The aspirants keen to immigrate as Land Surveyors require registering or obtaining license from the concerned authority. The occupation is listed on these Australian Occupation Lists–Skilled Occupations List, Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, and the RSMS Occupations List.


Land Surveyors are expected to meet the set level of skill commensurate with a three years Bachelor Degree in the applicable subject. In some instances, germane experience and/or on-the-job training could be desired, apart from the prescribed qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).
Key Responsibilities

  • Decide the position of points of interest on the earth’s surface, including marine floors, and prepare the final product data in digital form.
  • Keep an eye on the preparation of charts, drawings and maps to give pictorial representations and administer spatial information systems.
  • Carry-out research and carry-out survey and photogrammetric measurement systems, land information systems and cadastral systems.
  • Plan and design land sub-division missions and negotiate details with local administrations and other concerned officials.
  • Give advice to Architectures, Engineering Professionals, Environmentalists and scientists on the technical requirements of carrying-out survey and mapping.
  • Bring together and weigh-up data, interpret codes of practice and write reports associated with survey measurement, land use and tenure.
  • Get ready site plans and study reports.
  • Appraise, compile and maintain spatial information employing different digital and graphical source materials.
  • Examine and interpret data to design maps, graphs, drawings and three-dimensional models employing geographic information and associated systems.
  • Build-up new applications to be utilized in geographic information systems.
  • Administer and organize the work of Surveying in the production and reproduction of geographic products.

As hinted before, the job prospects for these professionals are currently positive in Down Under. Globalization and modernization will only increase the demand of these professionals in Australia. The work environment in Oz is healthy and wonderful. Most of the opportunities are covered by Australian health insurance programs.

Given this, if you are a practicing Land Surveyors and dream of Australia Immigration but do not how to go about the whole process, then you need not worry. A prosperous future awaits you as many Australian companies are eager to avail your expertise. All you have to do is to consult an immigration expert and assess your immigration possibilities. The good news is that while you process your application the Australian Immigration Authorities will consider your application over any other applicant.

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