Canada Immigration FSW 2013 Is Running Out Of Places

As per the latest updates received from CIC the Canada FSW Immigration programs seems to be heading for early closure in some of the occupation codes. Till now i.e. October 23, 2013 over 2300 requests have already been received. Some of the professions codes have already hit the number sealing for the 2013 – 2014 year program, which include 1112 (Financial and investment analysts), 0211(Engineering managers), 2147 (Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers) and 2174 (Computer programmers and interactive media developers). No further requests will be entertained for these occupational codes.

Certain trade codes of NOC listed in current edition of Canada FSW that seem to be fast approaching annual number caps include the 2131Civil Engineers and 3142 Physiotherapists which have touched 60%, 2132 Mechanical engineers well above 70% of available places.

Other important occupations that have are also receiving an favorable response from several immigrants in waiting from across the world include the 2243 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics which still have over 260 slots available for immigrants, 2134 Chemical engineers has over 200 places for the qualified people in the current year program.

The newly revised Canada Immigration FSW has been registering an overwhelming response from the people across the world. In the start people had suspected that response to this new scheme would remain somewhat remain lukewarm, but this has been proven wrong as trade code schemes have already attained annual number sealing. People have been talking and enquiring about the gap between the opening of the scheme and current numbers. This query has a simple answer i.e. the new scheme has been instituted with an additional step that requires applicants to get a positive evaluation advice on academic accomplishments from one of the four designated independent Canadian assessment agencies.

There was one more reason that can be blamed for this interval i.e. the strike of the foreign services staff and as this strike was called the intake of applications accelerated and now what we see is the exact picture of Canada Immigration scheme.

Other occupations have also started registering an increasing number or requests like requests received for 2113 Geoscientists and oceanographers has risen from 13 last week to 19 while requests lodged for 2144 Geological engineers has risen from 32 last week to 38.

It is highly advisable and convenient for those thinking of placing their request in the current year program of Canadian skills migration federal skills migrant scheme to hurry up as Canada Immigration FSW 2013 Is Running Out Of Places.

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