Canada Immigration Investor Program to Reopen on August 01, 2013

There is news abuzz in the reliable circles and many experts are predicting, the way things are working up opening up of migrant investment class may be round the corner. As per the experts in Canadian migration laws a migrant investment initiative of Quebec on lines of Canadian Immigration Investor Program is to Reopen On August 01, 2013. This edition is expected open with a limited edition and will be accepting only a limited number of requests.

This scheme like all other Canadian business migration routes has remained under suspension for more than a year and now when the some governmental orders and activities have started indicating towards the opening of this class of migration, the curiosity is building up among the migration enthusiasts.

The stipulations for this scheme will be similar to the Canadian investor’s classification and as per them all the parameters financial and others will be stringently gauged to judge the suitability of the candidates for this program.

“Interestingly, the management experience does not have to be in a commercial or industrial enterprise. As long as the experience is managerial in nature, it can be in agriculture, government or in an international organization,” points out the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on its website.

“Because the Quebec government stands behind the repayment of capital, financing the investment is an option,” recommends CIC.

Due to the closure of the programme and a limited number of applicants accepted, the program is known to be filled within days after opening.

“The last time a Canadian immigrant investor programme opened to a limited number of applicants, it filled in a matter of days.

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