Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada has been very popular since the early 20th century when both the countries of North America started to develop into a phenomena that has almost become a cult to such an extent that every citizen of the world wants to migrate to this awesome region. This has also been a primary reason for diluting the ethnicity and creating a multicultural society in Canada.

Canada has been specifically popular as a migration destination with the people across the world because of its true multi ethnic society and a social set up that has been a quite receptive of various diverse cultures and social groups. The popularity of the this North American country has reached to such a level that now every year more than 200,000 migration enthusiasts place their requests for immigrating to this through various routes including skills and business migration.

The popularity of Canada Immigration has gained popularity over the years because of the various opportunities and chances being made available by the Canadian government to all new entrants.

Employment potential is immense and in abundance in every field that ranges from primary sector to the manufacturing and in tertiary sectors. There is a great demand for skills and expertise at various levels.  As per the latest estimates there are enough jobs in existing set up besides an expanding potential for new areas that are fast gaining prominence in this economy for e.g. construction and IT services have been gaining grounds in this country and Canada today ranks fairly good at the global level. Besides the construction and IT services, engineering services and expertise have also remained at top of the component sectors which have a huge appetite for the specialist and trained manpower.

In the recent past the successive Canada Immigration framework was marred by serious technical problems and issues which reduced the effectivity of the policies and created an impasse between the aspirations of new entrants and employment giving sectors of Maple country. There were several reasons cited for this, the most prominent being irrelevant education accomplishments and occupational exposure which meant that most of the new entrant were found unsuitable for the employment.

To top up, the insufficient linguistic abilities also created a handicap on part of migrants which hindered their ability to gain employment even after being qualified for the trade.

To resolve these multiple issues government finally created a policy that ensured selecting the people with the appropriate profiles. Candidates in waiting to file Immigration to Canada must be working in trades that are sought after. Secondly, they must have the qualifications in line with the Canadian standards and lastly they must possess sufficient language compatibility to be able to gain employment in requisite sectors and at appropriate level. This policy is expected to create balance between the available employment opportunities for both local populace and immigrant workers.

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