Interested in US Citizenship? Know How to Get It!

Are you inspired with US immigration even as you want to pocket the nation’s much sought after citizenship, for obvious purposes? If YES, you would do well to know that with a view to acquire the country’s prized citizenship, and become its proud citizen, you ought to possess a Green Card even as the same is proffered on turning into an American permanent resident.

You may reside and get a job in the country, via any of the below given manners:

  1. Wedding to a US national:  This is one choice up for grabs for those who could be keen to reside in the country, for work purposes. But, you ought to be located in the nation for at least three years.
  2. Kids of American citizens: In case your parents happen to be the nation’s citizens even as you have crossed the age of 20, you are well qualified to file a visa-submission for citizenship.
  3. Recruiter ready to sponsor: In case you have a boss who has no hesitations whatsoever to relocate you to the nation, you could submit a petition for acquiring citizenship.
  4. Close family-members of citizens: In a situation wherein you have a close family-member residing in the country–who enjoys its citizenship status and who is prepared to offer sponsorship to you– you could file a submission for citizenship.
  5. Skills in scarcity: Prior to submitting a petition for citizenship, you would do well to know that you should have the skills which are much in demand in the nation. Every year, as many as 140,000 Green Cards are proffered to those whose job expertise is in demand in the American labor market. In case you have highly-specialized skills–coupled with a work experience of 12 years–then your chances of becoming a US citizen is pretty high.
  6. Religious Staff: Such people & other singular aliens–such as clergy for lawful groups (religious)–are also qualified to file a petition for the said purpose.
  7. Investors: Those who can invest least $1 million in the American business project, or $500,000 in case the business at a place battling economic downturn, and hire at least 10 employees are also eligible.
  8. Green Card Lottery: Another very good option. This is basically meant for those people who are from certain countries which send the lowest volume of aliens to the country.
  9. Asylum/Refugee: The seekers of refuge or political asylum also have the right to file a petition for citizenship.

Every above given class of aspirants may duly file an application to get the US citizenship, reside & get fruitfully employed there. Now since you have a good idea about how to go about it and get citizenship, what are you really cooling your heels for? It’s high time you realized your dreams.

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