Excellent settlement opportunities to skilled Immigrants to Canada

24 different occupations have been listed on the NOC ‘National Occupational Classification’ on Canada’s FSW ‘Federal Skilled Worker’s program. The list shows occupations on Medical Investigation, Aerospace, Banking, Mining, Investment Banking, Petroleum, Geosciences, Nursing and so on. Needless to say these are excellent settlement opportunities to skilled immigrants to Canada.

CIC ‘Canadian Immigration and Citizenship’ has identified these occupations based on an intricate assessment of the economy, industry wide demand on manpower and the regional / provincial preferences. As a condition on the FSW program the immigrants need to show a work experience on any of the 24 occupations for at least a year and a relevant education to match the professional obligation. The occupations have further been classified under skill level A (Professional Occupation), skill level B (Technical Occupation) and skill type 0 (Managerial occupation). The applicants need to become sure of the skill level and then make an application on immigration. However, there is a capping on all such occupations as a maximum of 5000 applications can only be placed for these excellent opportunities with at most 300 on each.

Skilled Immigrant in Canada gets to acquire the best of the opportunities on career and entrepreneurship. Canada makes this possible by opening up its gates on the regional and provincial areas. The Regional Nomination / Provincial Nomination makes this happen as the immigrants are made available the most potential and unexplored opportunities at these provinces. The attraction of these occupations lies in the fact that they are new, unexplored, very potential and the most lucrative. However, the immigrants must first establish their eligibility on immigration by way of the points based assessment.

Canada is one of the few nations that have an organized approach to skilled immigration. A point’s based evaluation of its immigrant’s make this happen as each is evaluated for key scales on:-

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Professional experience
  4. Skills
  5. Official Language
  6. Adaptability
  7. Availability of funds
  8. Employability of the Spouse

These excellent settlement opportunities to skilled immigrants to Canada would come only with a good pass mark on the assessment outcome. CIC takes a critical assessment of each application to make sure that the immigrant:-

  • Belongs to a younger age group (24 to 35 years)
  • Wields education of a superlative quality i.e. Ph.D or Masters
  • Has a professional experience of more than 5 years
  • Finds a good score on CLB 7 ‘Canadian Language Benchmark’
  • Gets an addition on Spouse’s employability & skills
  • Has funds to nourish the initial years on settlement

It is therefore advised that the immigrant should give a good eye to all this criteria and accordingly make an application on Canadian immigration. The strengths should be judiciously highlighted on each application so make sure that a good score is reached.

NOC enlists some excellent opportunities to the Skilled Immigrants but this comes with a good showcasing of education, experience, skills, abilities and adaptability.

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