Canada Immigration New Program, New Perspectives

The advent of 2014 ushers in with new promises about the Canada Immigration. The authorities are  in the process of finalizing and incorporating new statutes into visa policy, which will have applicability across the country. The reunification program has been revised and restarted with the an annual number of sealing of 5000 per year.

The new changes bring a lot of relief to the Canadian nationals waiting  to sponsor their parents or grandparents for permanent residency of Canada. The application process for the Canadian PR for parents and grandparents was suspended in 2011, in order to clear the pending files, which had been waiting in piles for 8 years.

The current edition of the Canada Immigration Program aims to address the issue of apprehensions registered by several Canadian nationals about their jobs being siphoned off by the overseas personnel (who do not only have more qualifications, but who are are ready to work on lower wages). As per the new incorporations, for the period of next 6 years the Canadian officials will not need to carry authorizations to carry out scrutiny at the  work locations, evaluate overseas personnel and demand  necessary papers from the employment giving agencies. This process has been initiated to make it sure that employment giving agencies strictly adhere to the regulations and statutes of federal temporary foreign workers scheme.

The Canadian authorities intend to retain the provisions incorporated in the temporary overseas personnel scheme (TFWP) for better monitoring of inflow of overseas personnel. The authorities would levy a mandatory fee of CAD 275 for each request moved by the immigrants.

The new provisions were incorporated into the statutes of TFWP in April 2013. The newly instituted regulations include, imposing stringent selection parameters like, higher linguistic skills requirements for immigrant workers, wider and deeper stipulations like advertising vacant employment locations and new questionnaire to investigate and establish the fact that employers seeking immigrants, have tried to explore domestic labor pool for workers with similar capacities. As per the reliable sources, if the government is able to extract a fair level of success from the recently instituted statutes of New Canada Immigration Program, it will incorporate harder stipulations in 2014.

The New Perspectives Of Canada Immigration also reflect in the changes of rules for permanent residents seeking nationality of the country. The aspirants vying for Canadian citizenship would now need to be in the country for a minimum period of 3 years in the 4 year tenure immediately preceding the date of request for nationality.

For Canada Immigration New Program, New Perspectives intend to bring in an elements that would help the government in ensuring that whoever applies for the nationality of the country is able to understand the responsibilities, and obligations of being a Canadian national. As per the authorities a longer residence as a PR in the country would help immigrants pick up critical and vital hints about Canadian life and society.

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