Does Lithuania Immigration Inspire You?

Lithuania is also officially known as the Republic of Lithuania even as it is among the largest of the three Baltic states of Europe. It is a famous tourist destination as well and is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. It is not a densely populated country as its approx. population is around 3 million and its capital and largest city is Vilnius.

Eventually the arresting beautiful Baltic nation of Lithuania has earned a sweeping popularity and applause amongst people wishing to migrate as its natural beauty still continues to be virginal. Not only this, the Baltic nation is now a famous immigration spot because of its easy-to-go visa & immigration rules and regulations, additionally effortless investment & business policies as well.

Specially after disintegrating from USSR, of which it was a part formerly, the government of the country has inclined its immigration policies to attract migrants from the world into their country to enhance their economy. Hence, the concerned government has been promoting foreign workers into their labor market and also businessmen willing to invest in the national industry.

As a result, a major sector of immigrants in the world has now started showing interest in this Northern European nation for immigration. People across the world are now electrified to work and move to the foreign destination for residence as quite a hike have been noticed in the number of migrants applying for work and residency permits.

Lithuania Immigration Procedure

All the foreign people who wish to migrate to the country–and get involved into Lithuanian way of life; for example, in work or academic sector, etc–have to fill the application form for getting temporary residential rights in the country. Visa applications are submitted at the immigration offices for obtaining a temporary residence visa for studies or work purposes.

In addition to this, immigrants falling under the student category have amazing and very beneficial rights to work in a part time job, for approximately 20 hours in every week. If the immigrant wishes to stay in the country for an extended period of time, the temporary residential visa can be extended and made valid till next five years by the local migration office. If you get hired by any business enterprise in the country, then you can apply for work visa easily and the process of obtaining a visa becomes easier.

Lithuania Temporary Residence Permit Eligibility Prerequisites

The best part about Lithuania immigration is that for migrating to this country no exact requirements are demanded as such any work experience or maximum age, etc. The migrant need not to have a major travel record as well or any other qualification is not needed to apply for a Lithuania Temporary Visa. However, preferences may be given to migrants with a strong academic and a professional with skilled experience. Further, proficiency in English language is always a booster to your credentials in visa application.

Lithuania immigration is a fair chance of gaining opportunities abroad and to give your overseas dreams a “true come” image in reality.

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