Canada Immigration Possible for Skilled Workers Via Express Entry

Canada wants qualified manpower and it is official! Its Express Entry Programme that becomes officially available from the month of January, 2015 is expected to make the visa application process for trained workers very fast, and ease the flow of overseas talents to the widely loved immigration destination.

It’s an open secret that the common man wants to live a good life, and if he is born in a developing country, then his aspirations become subjected to certain limits. As developing nations have minimum scope for rapid growth and development, these people, with high hopes and fire in their bellies, look towards alternatives.

In these circumstances, often the nations that are developed and willing to absorb their talents captivate them the most. With the help of immigration programs, these people are able to get into such nations where their dream becomes a reality.

Categorically speaking, if you think about Canada, then this country has eased the movement of skilled workers through its Express Entry Program that, as mentioned before, would be up-for-grabs from the next year. If you are enthusiastic towards making your way that would stop at the Canadian soil, then you ought to have a thorough idea about the application process. You need to have complete knowledge about the immigration procedures that would help you get your formalities streamlined in the best way.

Let’s take a quick look at the steps that would help you realize your Canadian dreams.

  1. Figure-out your qualifications: There are different disciplines of work that are in high demand in this country. You need to figure-them out at first place, and apply based on those requirements. In most of the cases, if you have five years of relevant experience in that particular discipline, then the probabilities are more that you can get the immigration visa faster, and without any hassles, as the country requires trained workers for the growth and expansion of the economy.

You can visit the concerned immigration websites where you will be able to get assessment that is available without any nominal charges. You can discover from there your eligibility and how you can apply for PR to this country. It is always advisable to submit your curriculum vitae there so that the involved authorities can decipher your credentials, and if you are eligible, then they would grant the PR that you require.

  1. The next step would be to fill the application forms that require skilled workers for Permanent Residency (PR). Once you do that, you will be monitored by the authorities, and they would be in a better position to ascertain your eligibilities, and grant you the PR, of course, if you deserve it.
  2. It is always advisable to go for a visa officer. These persons are well versed in visa norms even as they would help you figure-out all the technicalities that are needed to ease the process. Remember: a minor mistake in the application can lead to its rejection. Visa officials have the right knowledge to figure all of them out efficiently.
  3. The next step would be to pay the fees for the application through cheque or demand draft. In general, fee for people above 22 year of age is 150 Canadian Dollars. Last but not the least, always checking application thoroughly before applying is very important.

Once you are through with all these steps, your petition for immigration as skilled workers to Canada will always enjoy leverage for approval.

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