Canada Immigration for Parents & Grandparents Achievable

Often many families are torn apart on account of the aspiration for a better standard of living. There are many individuals, who are keen to provide a better life to their families. In order to achieve this challenging pursuit, they have to leave their native land and travel to some distant foreign land.

Considering the present state of affairs, Canada–a country full of opportunities and favorable atmosphere–has attracted people from all the walks of life. Migrants have landed in this country, worked, earned and lived their life. However, the real contentious issue arises when it comes to their family. Every now and then, they cannot ask their family members to visit the country.

There may be people from India, Australia, Japan, China, Europe and other countries who might be working in this country. So, every visit costs and costs handsomely. So, in order to help those people–who are working in Canada and providing their time and effort for the growth and development of the national economy–the Canadian immigration authorities have broadened their hospitality, even as they are ready to accommodate the migrants’ parents and grandparents in the country.

Your parents and grandparents can get admission into the s country based on certain terms and conditions. Let’s have a quick look at how things can be facilitated where you can unite with your family and work with full dedication and flamboyance for the growth of the Canadian economy.

In order to streamline the immigration process, the concerned Canadian visa & immigration authorities have launched a new visa termed as Super Visa. Under this powerful tool, you can easily and cost-effectively call your family to this country, without any problems whatsoever. All that is needed is the person should be in an uninterrupted relation with you, for a period of 2 years. If it is relation to partner, then it should have to be a conjugal one.

However, at first, let’s learn how Super Visa can make your dream of living with your parents and grandparents come alive in the Maple Leaf Country. If you’re aged 22 years and you don’t have any partner living along with you, then you can opt for a Special Visa that would allow your parents and grandparents to come in this country. In this regard, you are free to apply for two visa status, one stating a fixed tenure of stay, and the other where the parents and grandparents can be deemed as Canadian citizens from the time their application is accepted.

In case you are working in the country, and you have applied for getting Permanent Residence (PR) for your family members, then in that case, your income will be ascertained and evaluated to figure-out whether you will be able to support them. In case you are not in the position to support them, then the application can be entertained.

In the meantime, you will also have to see that your family members don’t have any criminal record in their native land. If they have committed any misdemeanor and felony, then there are chances that the application will be rejected.

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