Canada Immigration and Requirements of Engineers

There is a great deal of the requirements of skilled engineers in Canada even as, via skilled immigration, every year a large number of these professionals–armed with global qualifications–shift to the country. These experts represent close-to 12% of the registered engineers in the Maple Leaf Country, and they get involved with work activities in the domains of electrical, civil, industrial,

In this connection, a freshly brought out labour market research by Engineers Canada has mentioned vital trends in the economic market for these professionals in the nation. The said report has offered a general idea of the engineering subjects & geographical markets, besides a prediction of the world conditions.

As per a concerned person from the Engineers Canada–the national group of the 12 provincial & territorial bodies, which standardize the practice of engineering in the nation–the Maple Leaf Country is in the grip of an alarming inadequate supply of these experts having over a decade of relevant experience in the line. He added that by 2020, 95,000 professional engineers will call it a day; generating a skills scarcity not positively addressed by national graduates or experienced globally trained graduates.

He further said that disparities seen in supply and demand are ballooning and becoming out-of-control. While engineering labour market circumstances differ from one area to another, markets ought to find avenues to create some sort of steadiness between the retiring employees and training incoming graduates, and the global engineers keen to work in the country.

In a related development, another concerned person has reportedly said that the scarcity of highly qualified experts is indisputably swelling and aggravating the difficulties faced by the nation’s engineering domain. Echoing somewhat similar sentiments, Pricewaterhouse Coopers—a well-known international –has allegedly observed that the skills deficiency has led to heightened competition in the international market even as the said drift is likely to become worse, together with an increased requirement for firms hiring, rewarding, besides keeping hold of the best talent.

Job-opportunities for Engineers

As per Statistics Canada–the federal government organization tasked, with creating data to help better identify with the nation, its people, resources, etc.–over 75,000 engineers are registered with just Professional Engineers of Ontario. And most of them are employed as mechanical or civil engineers, even as a significant proportion is also involved with the computer engineering & the electrical domain.

On the whole, the requirements for these professionals are forecasted to head north, with engineering, architectural, & associated services being the highest in demand. Remarkably, the jobs of electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, besides project engineer are the most widely publicized ones in engineering.

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