Do you know engineering professionals are in huge demand in Australia?

As it is too well known, qualified experts are in huge demand everywhere, mostly in the overseas countries of Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, etc., even as trained professionals, like doctors, scientists, and engineers are well paid and zealously employed by the many firms operating from these and other immigration hotspots. Engineering professionals are in huge demand, especially in Australia, also known as the Kangaroo Land.

Actually, competition for these experts is presently at an all time high inside the Australian resources sector, as mining, oil & gas, besides energy organizations passionately compete with each other, and with contractors, besides consultants to the field, for the limited available engineers in the country. Engineering professionals are in huge demand in

As per a concerned person, there is an unquenchable requirement for close-to six or seven different classes of engineers across the country. He added that at a specific Brisbane based bureau where a great deal of mining staffing is done, one may easily claim that there is not a single class of engineers wherein there is adequate supply. He further said that the existing demand is not only being propelled by the mining operators, the same is being boosted by the engineering companies, & the contractors.

Significantly, online job advertising & labour market research also confirm the sharp engineering skills scarcities. Allegedly, over the previous quarter, the resources boom has continued to generate huge demand for professionals within the engineering & construction sectors, mostly for highly qualified manpower, which is likely to exceed the supply over the coming one year.

Further, engineering skills scarcities from the resources sector are being aggravated by robust demand from the oil and gas field, courtesy the development of projects in the North West Shelf & Darwin, besides the new coal seam gas projects in Queensland.

It’s claimed that, the oil and gas is a hot spot in the Kangaroo Land’s hiring scenario at the present, and over the previous quarter, more permanent employment opportunities have been generated as recruiters make efforts to not only draw but lock the best engineering professionals from across the world.

However, the continuing deficiency of experienced, trained experts continues to present a challenge to the nation’s oil & gas market, more so across the regions of Northern Territory and Western Australia (WA), even while the overall strength of the country’s oil & gas labour market shows the buoyant nature of that market at the global level.

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