Canada Immigration Services From Our Canadian Immigration Consultancy Firms

Canadian immigration process and procedure varies from category to category. These categories involve huge amount of details, documents, time, effort and funds. It is difficult to take out so much time from regular working life. On the top of that rules and regulations related to immigration process keeps on varying with the economical and social conditions of the country. One has to stay updated about the news related to their visa category. As there is a large number of applicants under various categories Canada immigration and citizenship department needs applicants not to make mistakes and submit application package after reviewing tall the complete forms and documents. The person who can simplify this task for you is an immigration consultant or immigration lawyer. You may get Canada Immigration Services from Our Canadian Immigration Consultancy Firms or any other consultant.

It is your choice whether to employ an immigration consultant, lawyer or not. No immigration consultant has special access to CIC immigration programs and services and no one can guarantee you a visa. If your consultant make any such promises then its suggested to walk away. A good Canada immigration consultant can minimize processing time and improve chances of visa approval but cannot guarantee it. Application forms for different kind of visas are easily available on official immigration website of CIC.

There are certain things you must keep in mind while selecting an immigration representative for yourself. Do not just see one and pick one. Get in touch with number of potential consultants before selecting one.  You must ask things like their training and certification, references, previous cases, etc. Try to check if they have experience in cases similar to yours. Also, make sure that you receive details about the services they will be providing along with the fee details in written. You must not go for a consultant who is not willing to answer your questions. Your doubts should be clear before making any kind of decision. You should stay precautious when something sounds too good to be true.

After selecting the consultant, get a written document or contract, read it thoroughly before signing. You must not leave any of your original documents or photos with consultant. You must not sign blank documents or application forms. You must have a copy of all the documents signed by you. Do remember to get a receipt for any payment you make. Ask immigration representative to provide regular updates about the procedure.

If in the middle of process, you plan to change your Canada Immigration Consultant or want to deal directly then it is important to notify Canada Immigration and Citizenship department. You must provide the information about the representative you select or stop working with to the immigration department. Never transfer any kind of amount into anyone personal account considering it to go for immigration department as government will never ask you to make payment in someone’s personal account. In any case, you will be the responsible for the information filled in the form never fill any misleading or false information under any kind of influence. It is illegal.

I f your immigration representative is certified and experienced then he/ she can make the process simple and less tedious. Consultant will explain all the aspects of immigration, its benefits, conditions, expenses and everything else. He/ she will eliminate the chances of silly mistakes enhancing the chances of approval.

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