Abhinav Provides Assistance for the Australian Immigration Skill Select Program

Abhinav is a consultancy company which started to operate in 1994. It is basically an Immigration and Visa consultation company. The goal of this company is to help the global clients to face the difficulties in Immigration and visa process. The applicants who want to fill permanent residents visa applications under Self-employed, Skilled, Business, Student, Investor, Family and State Sponsorship categories.

Abhinav helps the clients for immigration to all those destinations which are very much popular. Australia, Canada, UK, Denmark, Lithuania, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Latvia and many other places are included in the list of destinations; Abhinav helps the clients to go. The founder of this firm is Mr. Ajay Sharma, who is also the principal immigration consultant at Abhinav, has a lot of experience with the clients of India as well as abroad and has gained  lots of respect  for his solutions to the complicated immigration visa issues.

Australia Immigration Visa Skill select Program is an online service which was initiated on 1st July 2012. It was to help those migrants who are interested to settle down in Australia on the basis of employment visa. This program reduced the time of process and achieved great appreciation. The applicants can reap the other advantages which are being promoted by the Australian authorities. To hire people from different overseas sources is also costly. This program is also helpful to reduce these costs. This program is prepared to serve the territory sponsored skilled migration; family sponsored skilled migration, independent skilled migration as well as business skills. According to this program, an EOI has to be submitted by the applicants on basis of which DIAC proceeds to issue an invitation after which they can apply for the visa. The different classification of visa was announced in April 2012. The online profile is designed for one, free of cost which has the information of the applicant and the profile remains on the skill select platform for 2 years. During these two years the EOI can be updated. Ranking positions keep changing with the filing or withdrawal of other EOIs from the Skill select.

The Australia Immigration Visa Skill select Program is highly affecting the way the immigration works. This program is totally changing. The local needs of the economy drives this program. This program is not only for the benefit of the applicants but also for the benefit of the government, skilled workers and employers. In this process the aspiring migrants are required to pass a points test to apply for the visa. The migrant has to score a pass mark to be eligible for the visa. The minimum benchmark can also change according to Australian labour market needs. It helps the traders and qualified professionals to register their data to get eligible for the visa via Expression of Interest. It makes intending migrants confident to apply for the visa through a very simple process without being hesitant about where they stay or what job they do.

Australia is a attractive country with ethnic tolerant society, wonderful culture, lovely geographical surroundings and work opportunities. The country welcomes migrants having good job skills, to work and add to the economical success of the country and The Australia Immigration Visa Skill select Program helps the aspiring migrants to do so. The service of Abhinav can make your journey of migration easy and quick.

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