Do You Want To Qualify For Canadian Immigration?

Are you one of those individuals who wish to shift to the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, Canada? Do you want to qualify for Canadian immigration? Do you wish to know via which visa-class you can make the cut? If YES, then you would be, perhaps, happy to note that there are several concerned visa and immigration groups which would easily help you in this–for a small fee, of course.

But at first, let’s talk about the key visa classes under which you may qualify for immigration to Canada.

Skilled Worker & Professionals Category

This is one of the most widely used visa class under which a large number of overseas people migrate to the country. The petitions filed under this category are duly processed on the basis of the candidate’s specific expertise and the possibility that they will play a key role in the overall growth of the national economy.

To make the grade under this class, the aspirants ought to fulfill bare minimum work experience conditions, establish that they have sufficient funds to reside in the country, and garner the bare minimum needed test points.

Here, it requires to be mentioned that Immigration Canada has recently made some modifications to the nation’s Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) even as these would become effective from May 4, 2013 onwards.

Business Category (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed)

Under this class, experienced business persons from abroad–who can play a key role in the overall development and growth of a robust and flourishing Canadian economy–can make the cut.

Provincial Nominees Category

Via the said class, overseas candidates are chosen to cater to the nation’s regional requirements. Those who want to move to a province of the Maple Country, as a provincial candidate, should file a petition before the concerned authorities of the province wherein they want to stay. The Canadian Provincial Nominee Scheme proffers speedy movement for trained employees & experienced entrepreneurs from abroad who want to reside in a given Canadian province.

Family Category

To make the grade under this class, the applicants ought to have sponsorship from a close member of family, like parent, would-be wife, or partner who enjoys the country’s citizenship or permanent residency status.

Canadian Experience Category

This specific category is meant for the nation’s temporary foreign workers and global graduates who want to acquire the country’s prized permanent residency status.

As one can see, all those who want to qualify for Canadian immigration, can do so under several existing visa categories. Contact the involved officials from the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (the CIC) and/or– as mentioned before–contact a reputed and trustworthy visa & immigration group located nearby which specializes in Canada immigration, before you eventually realize your dreams!

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