Canada Immigration to be Capped, says Lobby Group!

According to a lobby group in Ottawa, the federal government is not on grounds when it says that the current of levels of immigration have to be maintained so as to keep the payment on for the social program. As per the government, this is important as the country needs.

The Centre for Immigration Policy Reform (CIPR) has questioned the sapience of the Canadian government for maintaining the current levels of immigration. As of now, the nation would be receiving 240,000 to 265,000 permanent residents for 2011. However, this figure does not include the additional number of temporary foreign workers and the foreign students who come to the nation every year.

According to Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, the local Canadians need to accept the higher immigration or another alternative is to have more children. He stated this while announcing the targets for immigration. One cannot expect a shrinking base for tax along with pensions, health care and all other services at the same time.

On the other hand, the above is not approved by Martin Collacott from the CIPR. As per Collacott, the current levels of immigration would have little effect as the immigrants too get old and have smaller families too. It is agreed that the population is ageing. At the same time, immigration is not the answer to the situation.

He also pointed to a study brought out in 2008 by the British House of Lords. This study inquires into the economic benefits from large-scale immigration. It was claimed by the British government that immigration was needed for the economic prosperity of the nation. However, the report stated results otherwise.

Keeping the above in place, Collacott states that the current rate of immigration should be capped to almost half. This could then further be modified as per the nature and performance of the economy. However, he refused to comment on the exact levels for immigration. This way, it would also be better for those migrants who are having a tough time in seeking employment as more migrants are walking into the nation with the same levels of qualification.

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