Lawsuit against Immigration Attorney for Charging Illegal Prices!

A disgraced lawyers in San Francisco charged illegal prices from immigrants who were desperate to seek legal help only to get a representation which was misleading. This further led to the deportation of the immigrants. Dennis Herrara, a city attorney has filed a lawsuit against Martin Guajardo and has called him a notorious predator. Guajardo had given up his license to practice law in 2008 when he was accused of charging high fee. However, he was not offering appropriate counsel.

The civil complaint specifies Guajardo has been using desperate immigrants for over 35 years now. He started an Immigration Practice Group which was based in San Francisco after he was forced to retire. Here, he used Chritstopher Stender who is a licensed attorney as the front for his firm.

After acquiring high amounts of money from his clients, he did nothing for them. His clients involved those who were facing immediate deportation or had family members in their custody. He had also made false promises to those clients who had been seeking citizenship as he already knew that they would not be able to win the case.

Most of the cases cater to a fee ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 where as he charged his clients as high as $60,000. The victims include Indians, Hispanics as well as Russians in San Francisco.

The lawsuit filed aims to stop the so-called firm from functioning and doing business. Herrera hopes that the Office of the District Attorney uses this lawsuit to file criminal charges against Guajardo and Stender.

Above all, if the nation itself has professionals catering to illegal practice, then it seems to be more like a distant dream for the nation for the problem of illegal migration to be solved.

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