YMCA in Sudbury get Federal Funding!

Canada has been one of the most preferred destinations for immigration. People from different parts of the world come to Canada each year to start a new life. Each year sees thousands of permanent settlers in the nation who come and seek either employment opportunities or invest in the economy of the nation.

Since many foreign migrants come into the nation each year, the government of the nation offers many services for the newcomers. These services are meant to help these migrants to integrate and settle down in the country.

For one such service, the federal government of Canada is investing for the newcomers in the nation. The government is funding $220,811 for the services which would be offered by the YMCA located in Sudbury. This funding was announced when these new services were launched. These services would be functioning under the Settlement Program offered by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

These services to be funded for include career counseling, community service references for the new migrants as well as individual support. These can be considered as the most important services for the newly landed migrants who would need the necessary contacts to seek opportunities for self and dependent family members.

According to Larry Miller who is the member of the parliament from Sudbury, the YMCA is one such organization which is taking the necessary efforts for the immigrants so that they are able to integrate and participate in the economy as well as the society of the nation. He said the above while officially launching the services for the newcomers.

The office of the YMCA has been catering to programs for community and employment for more than two decades now. With the recently launched programs for career planning for the migrants, the main objective of the organization is use its expertness to aid the immigrants to seek good opportunities for employment.

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