Resources on Illegal Migrants in US!

Illegal migration has always been an issue of debate in the United States. With about 11 million illegal migrants living in the United States, the issue is now an important political agenda. This makes it very clear that a decent amount of money is spent on the governmental services offered to such migrants.

Estimations have been done based on the studies conducted over a period of time. There are many aspects where the money is spent by the government which otherwise can be said as not being deserved by those on whom it is being spent on. The two main aspects on which money is spent on are education and health.

Education is one of the most important aspects which are vital for the illegal migrants. It was ruled by the US Supreme Court in 1982 that public education must be catered to a student irrespective of his legal status. The expenditure for this is met by the state and the local governments. When it comes to kindergarten, it caters to about 6.8% for the children of illegal migrants. However, these children are the citizens of the United States. With the above ruling in place, it is good as well as bad. It is definitely a positive because education would empower such children to contribute to the economy and the nation which is the only home that they have ever known.

On the other hand, it is bad because there are many undocumented migrants who are not paying taxes. Not being a taxpayer clearly means living on other people’s taxes which the government is spending on these undocumented migrants which otherwise could have been put to better use.

Health care is another aspect which is rated as the highest. About 62% of the illegal migrants do not have a health insurance. This means about one in every four person is not insured. At the same time, the undocumented cannot have access to services but are young and healthy. However, a good amount of spending is still required. Despite the fact that they do not need any major medical attention, the basic aspects still require a decent amount of spending.

The issue of budget and the resources being spent on the illegal migrants is a huge one. At the same time, amidst all the hustling happening, it seems as if there is more talk and less work being done.

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